He is a teacher, a mentor, a guide ...

“Phil is a unique individual. He is a teacher, a mentor, a guide – not just for my son Max, but for me as his parent as well. From the very first time he walked into our home, he brought a sense of peace and understanding, and I felt hope that my neurodiverse son had finally found someone who could not only teach him, but nurture him to capitalise on his unique talents. My hope was proven correct. Max has been working with Phil for a number of years. Phil adapted to Max’s learning needs and preferred ways of interacting. He brought a routine into Max’s life that Max enjoys and looks forward to daily. Max has flourished. And I have benefited as well – from Phil’s wisdom and guidance when I struggle with parenting a neurodiverse son, and from the regular ‘tidbits’ that Phil sends – helpful courses, or books, or articles, or equipment – things to help Max and myself improve our daily lives. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is considering a tutor for their neurodiverse child. He has been a godsend, and I am grateful every day that he helps us.”


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