Please send us an email admin@smallsteps-learning.com, including your child’s most recent school report and any relevant school reports.This information will enable us to understand the strengths, interests and learning needs of your child before our phone call.

Our recommended session time is 60 minutes; however this can be tailored to meet the needs of your child.

The price will range from $80-$130 depending on the qualification and experience of the tutor and the service they will be provided. This cost does not include GST.

We are a specialist tutoring support service for students with learning difficulties. We introduce our clients to our tutors via zoom before the sessions begin to ensure the clients are comfortable with the tutors before they begin. We offer face to face tutoring as well as online tutoring services upon request.

Yes we will attend school meeting and send emails to your child’s school upon request.

Yes we will work collaboratively with your child’s school to help improve your child’s learning outcomes.

You can contact Phil at any time regarding any reports you receive from your school. This includes Naplan and exam results, assignments, school reports and recommendations from clinicians.

We have an inhouse NDIS consultant that can help on every step of your NDIS journey.

It is recommended to improve attentionand learning at school by our clinicians, and we support this as we know that medications will improve learning outcomes. Therefore, we encourage the trial of learning medication to see if it works for your child.

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