About us

best part of her day

'We have a huge amount of admiration and gratitude for the care Phil takes in tutoring our daughter. He customises the work to suit her exact needs and teaches her in a way that she can absorb the information. He has taken the time to understand our daughter and set realistic and helpful goals. Phil is wonderful at growing with us and we see him as a major part of our daughter's education.

Seeing Phil is always the best part of her day.' 


A success

“Small Steps Learning has helped my son to engage with School again after a period of missing school. The tutors are respectful, patient and supportive and have helped him to be more confident in his abilities. The sessions start with setting of goals and ends with a review from tutor and student. The one-on-one face-to-face session format in the comfort of our home have been a success for our child”


Truly unique

"To connect with a 13 year old is harder than university level quantum physics. But to connect, build trust and engage is what makes Phil truly unique. A super nice guy that has not only helped our child immensely but become a regular familiar friend around our living room on Saturday mornings"